Teaching Effective Programming Classrooms

Now it’s ridiculously easy to create, distribute and grade programming assignments. Students have nothing to install. Grading takes seconds. And it’s all in the browser.
See it in action.

See it in action



Notebooks on steroids

  • Make notebooks in many languages

    like Python, R, Julia

  • Easily install libraries

    from numpy to tensorflow

  • Explore notebook extensions

    Make slides that run code!

  • Sharable

    DataCabinet notebook projects consist of full environments with code and binaries so they are easy to share. No more works-on-my-computer excuses.

    Meaty Assignments

  • Centralized Assignment Flow

    Easily build programming assignments and share with students.

  • Minimal Set-up Time

    Save environment setup time across the board.

  • Autograding Option

    You choose to seamlessly autograde or manually grade assignments.

Fully online

Eliminate expensive and unnecessary engineer platform setup and maintenance costs.

Backed by auto-scaling distributed system

Only pay for what you use.

Identity and Access Control

to better share and protect resources.


Here is what people who have used DataCabinet say about us

“DataCabinet’s cloud product makes sharing code very easy and free from development setup headaches, and is building up to be an ideal tool for educators, thanks to its integration with Jupyter notebook and nbgrader“

-Cherif Jazra, Machine Learning/Deep Learning speaker and enthusiast

"As a physics teacher, I use DataCabinet to make a more dynamical class, building Jupyter Notebooks that my students can interact with, without the need to install any software."

-Dr. José Manuel Nápoles Duarte, Laboratory of Computational Chemistry at Autonomous University of Chihuahua

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Our Goal

Our Goal

Help classrooms deliver an elegant learning solution while saving money as well as precious development and maintenance time.

Save $100,000+ year in platform setup/maintenance costs

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