General Questions

What can I do with DataCabinet?

The DataCabinet Project is a platform for both teachers and students which offers a cutting-edge environment for programming coursework, practices and assignments. You can maintain programming notebooks with packages needed for running the code. You can share these with other DataCabinet users.

How can I get started with DataCabinet?

All you have to do is register an account. Do not forget to import some projects from the project store to your workplace and try them out.

What are the programming languages I can learn/use on DataCabinet platform?

Python and R are supported by default but you can install any other language kernel from the internet. Jupyter has kernels for more than 50 languages available.

How do I install packages needed by the notebook?

If your code requires any packages, you can install locally in your directory through conda. Conda supports (m)any language: Python, R, Ruby, Lua, Scala, Java, JavaScript, C/ C++, FORTRAN

Can I download and save projects on my system and not pay for storage space on DataCabinet?

You can always download projects that you created. If you imported a project and the owner of the project does not allow you to download, we will disallow download

Can I share my DataCabinet files to others?

Yes we have a special feature to import and export full environment. It will copy the notebook with whatever dependencies that were installed to a shared area. Anyone can download these notebooks and get the exact same version of interpreter and packages.

How will books available on DataCabinet be different from other digital books? Can we download them?

  • They can be executed
  • You can install packages for the notebooks.
  • You can install packages for the notebooks.

Does DataCabinet offer any course?

We are working on building a number of courses/books

Does assignment submission on DataCabinet take care of plagiarism?

It should be available soon.

Can I run jobs on DataCabinet?

It is not currently designed to run jobs. We will log a user out if inactive for a specific period and the job will shut down.


How does DataCabinet help me?

You can now read programming books online. DataCabinet books can be edited and run. You can make notes and get much better practice. You can have backend components as part of the book. For eg, everytime you read a SQL book, a mysql server is instantiated with it. If it is part of a class, you can easily submit assignments

Can I use autograde to evaluate my assignment before submission?

The number of examples available to you for practice vs for assignments is determined by the instructor.

Can I share my projects I buy on DataCabinet with others?

Only if the original author allows for it.


What is maximum class size to teach using DataCabinet?

There is no limit except they have to be all unique users.

Who will have the right of organizational (School, University etc.) account?

All accounts are equal. Instructors can run the assignment system and ask students to join it.

What is the mode of payment?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

Is assignment submission on DataCabinet plagiarism proof?

We are working on MOSS integration to check for plagiarism.